Rabbit Rescue

Welcome to our website about rabbits and why you should adopt a rabbit instead of buying one in the pet store.

Rabbits are the third most surrendered pet to rescues all over America.  Mots rescues who accept rabbits get a large number of rabbits surrendered to them and they usually have a large selection of different rabbits to adopt.  Find new homes for rabbits can however be rather difficult and many rescues are for forced to euthanize rabbits that they can not rehouse.  Some rescues do not accept rescues at all due to how hard they can be to re-home.

It is hard to say for sure why it is so hard to re-home rabbis but it is likely that the low price of rabbits make them more likely to be purchased in a pet store rather then be adopted.  The low price also means that they are more likely to be an unplanned purchase (BAD IDEA, NEVER BUY ANY ANIMAL WITHOUT PLANNING THE PURCHASE FIRST). Another reason that it is hard to re-home rabbits is that most people want a small bunny. Not an adult rabbit. Adopting an adult rabbit do however offer many benefits compared to buying a bunny.  Adopting is cheaper than buying a rabbit in a pet store and you get an adult bunny with an already developed personality. You know what you get.  If you buy a bunny then you do not know the personality it will have as an adult.

Yet another reason that it is hard to re-home rabbits is likely that people do not know about this alternative. Most people know that you can adopt a dog or cat and most people consider this option before getting a dog or a cat.  The option to adopt  is not considered in the same way when you want a rabbit.  The public needs to become more aware of this option.

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Finding a rabbit to adopt

bunny rabbitFinding a rabbit to adopt is almost always easy. Most rescues have a number of different rabbits available for adoption. Call local rescues or veterinarians and you should be able to find a rescue that offers rabbits in no time.  All rescues have conditions that you need to meet to be allowed to adopt a rabbit. This conditions are designed to make sure that you are ready to care for a bunny and that you are able to give them a good life.These conditions are often easy to meet provided you want to give you rabbit a good life.

Rabbits are sensitive animals and some rescues therefore have rules that prohibits families with very small children from adopting rabbits.  They want the children to be old enough to be able to handle the rabbits without hurting this.  The exact age can vary and some rescues do not have any age restrictions at all.  Some rescues will enforce these rules if you say that you want to adopt a rabbit for your child but not if you want to adopt it for yourself.

Rabbits are not good started animals for a child. They are sensitive and require a lot of care. It is a better pet for a child that is 10 years or older and that have kept other pets in that past. I recommend that you give your child an aquarium as their first pets.  Aquarium fish will survive if you forget to feed them every now and again.  One or two days without food each week will not hurt them. Examples of aquarium fish that is suitable for children (with help from the parents) include, goldfish,  livebearers, dwarfcichlids and gouramis.

Many rescues require you to be prepared to allow the rabbit out of their cage each day. This is a must to keep your buddy happy and healthy.

Choosing a breed

There are a lot of different breed of rabbits. About 50 different breeds are recognized in the US.  There are a number of other breeds that are recognized in other countries. Different breeds have very different appearance and will grow to very different size.  Some breeds stay small while other grow huge.  Flemish Giants can grow to weight more than 20 pounds while Netherlands Dwarfs grow to weigh no more then 2 or 3 pounds. Smaller species is often a better choice as a pet unless you really want a large breeds.

Some breeds are often more friendly and more cuddle. An example of this is that lop rabbits such as french lob rabbit often become very loving pets and they also seems smarter and easier to train then other rabbit breeds. This is likely due to the fact that these rabbits have been mainly used as pets while many other breeds have been used to farm rabbit meat.

Different breeds have different personalities and you might find that another breed than a lop breed id easiest to work with and suit you best. The lop rabbits are simple the one i have found to be the most loving rabbits. The rabbit that craves attentions from humans.

Choose a breed that suits you and your situation.    Mixed breed rabbits are also a good choice. They are generally friendly and very healthy.