Adopting a Rabbit

Are you considering getting a rabbit for yourself our your child.  If so you should consider adopting a rabbit that needs a new home.  Rabbits are cheap and are all too often bought without enough consideration.  Without the owner knowing what it takes to care for a rabbit.  This means that there are a large number of rabbits that are looking for new homes after their former owners no longer want them.

Adopting a rabbit gives a rabbit the chance of a new life. It also allows you to adopt an adult bunny with a personality you want. Many rabbits up for adoption have been given a lot of attention when they where small. They are very tame and really crave human attention.  You can get a rabbit that acts more than a dog than a conventional rabbit.  It is also possible to adopt a house trained bunny that goes in a litter box.  This allows you to have them out running on the floor.

Getting an adult bunny is a good idea if you have children.  Bunnies are sensitive and your children might hurt them when they try to handle them.  Adult rabbits are more suitable to be handle by children.  (They will still need to be handled with care)

Choosing to adopt a rabbit is the responsible choice and allows you the freedom to chose the perfect rabbit for you.  It is also a cheaper option than buying a rabbit in a pet store.

How much does it cost to adopt a rabbits

How much it cost to adopt a rabbit varies between different rescue center but is usually around USD25.  It is usually cheaper to adopt a bunny than it is to buy one in a pet store.

Things you should know before you adopt a rabbit

Not a starter pet

adopt a bunnyRabbits require a lot of daily care and is not a good started kit.   They need love, daily feedings, time out of their cage and their cage need to be kept clean.  If you are looking for a first pet for your child then it can be better to start with a goldfish or another hardy freshwater fish.  Never give your child a reef aquarium as their first aquarium.  Reef and other saltwater aquariums are a lot harder to care for then freshwater aquariums.

Long lifespan

Rabbits can life for 10 years or sometimes more.  Adopting or buying a bunny is therefore a long term commitment.  You should not get one unless you feel certain that you can provide them with a good life for their entire lifespan.

Exotic pets

Rabbits are very common pets but they are despite this considered exotic pets and you will need to make sure that there is an exotic pets veterinary in your area before you a rabbit.  There should be one in most areas.

Rabbit insurance

Always insure your rabbit. Rabbits are cheap but the veterinary care they need can still be very expensive. A rabbit can need care for several thousand and it is your responsibility as an owner to provide this.  You should therefore always insure your rabbit so that you know that you can afford to provide it with the care it needs.

Spay or neuter

Make sure that your rabbit is spayed or neutered.  Rabbits are prune to get cancer if they are not neutered or spayed.  A large percentage of all male rabbits get prostate cancer,r and 60-80% of all females developes ovarian, uterine or other reproductive cancers unless they are spayed.