Checkered Giant Rabbit

The Checkered Giant rabbit is a large rabbit with markings similar to that of a cow, having a white coat with large black spots on the fur. These rabbits first originated in Europe in regions such as France and Germany. They were exported to The United states in the early part of the twentieth century from Britain.

The Checkered Giant is considered to be one of the largest breeds of rabbits in its class. They have a fun loving nature; love to play, frolic, and have a great temperament. They can be bred or used as household pets, but they do require a considerable amount of care, time, and energy when it comes to owning this breed.

Appearance of the Giant Checkered Rabbit

  • large in size weighing on average from 11lbs to 13lbs
  • large build with a somewhat slender body type
  • back has an arch or curve
  • Wide head with large ears that usually stand erect
  • Muscular long legs
  • White coat with black colored markings, can also be blue in fur color
  • Marks around the eyes, cheeks, and nose
  • Usually has a strip of colored fur running down the spine of the rabbit
  • Known to be a spotted rabbit in due to fur markings
  • Sometimes nicknamed the Charlie rabbit, after Charlie Chaplin due to black mustache marking above the nose



  • usually docile and fun loving
  • must get plenty of exercise or they can turn slightly aggressive
  • Tons of energy sleeping less than other rabbit breeds



These rabbits usually live on average five to eight years depending solely on the care of the rabbit. If well maintained and cared for they can live over a decade.


Feeding of the Giant Checkered Rabbit

  • carrots
  • lettuce
  • hay
  • dark leaf lettuce –a favorite meal
  • pellet food
  • fresh vegetables
  • avoid fruit due to high sugar contents
  • hay

Can Checkered Giant Rabbits make good pets?

These rabbits can make good pets provided you have the time to care for them properly. They like living in a home, but prefer living in a cage. They are considered to be good with children due to their high levels of energy, and their ability to want to play and frolic in the yard or home. They must be exercised on a daily basis, or they could possibly turn aggressive in extreme cases. They love to sleep huddled with other checkered rabbits and are cuddly in nature. They like to be kept in pairs and love companionship.

They require a little more grooming than other rabbit breeds due to a longer coat, so be sure to properly maintain their fur to avoid matting. Their ideal meal is timothy hay which should make up over half of their diet. They are very social rabbits and can have four to six babies annually. The Giant Checkered Rabbit can reach high speeds when running or hopping; with speeds reaching up to forty miles per hour, so keep your eyes on them at all times.