Dwarf Lop Rabbit

The Dwarf Lop rabbit is a laid back rabbit with a fairly good disposition. They are from Europe and became very popular with rabbit breeders in the early nineties. Even though they have a good disposition they are not recommended to be household pets, because they tend to have a fair amount of medical conditions.

If you do decide to make these rabbits a pet they require a lot of attention, and medical care but the good news is this breed can be easily house trained. They can come in many sizes ranging from medium to miniature. They have ears that are distinct because they do not stand erect; rather they lop down at the side of the rabbit.

Appearance of the Dwarf Lop Rabbit

The Dwarf Lop rabbit is considered to be a medium build with some miniature breeds known as the mini lop rabbit. They weigh on average anywhere from 4lbs to 6lbs. They are considered to be the smallest of the domesticated rabbit breeds. They have a large range of coloring including grey, white, black, brown, and blue grey.

Traits of the Dwarf Lop Rabbit

  • dwarf in size
  • smaller of the breed only weigh 1 lbs-3 lb
  • soft dense coat ranging in as many as 40 different colors
  • long lop ears that reach past the feet
  • small bodies with a dwarf like appearance
  • short small legs

Lifespan and Health of the Dwarf Lop Rabbit

  • life span of about five to seven years
  • considerable health problems, mainly dental in nature
  • cannot withstand extreme temperatures
  • prone to respiratory diseases
  • known to have intestinal trouble if not fed a proper diet
  • joint problems due to dwarfism

Feeding the Dwarf Lop Rabbit

  • pellets
  • cauliflower
  • parsley
  • spinach
  • lettuce
  • carrots
  • corn on the cob—a favorite treat
  • cannot eat lettuce due to sensitive digestive tracts


  • must get plenty of exercise
  • must use a flea powder due to their sensitive skin if kept outdoors
  • must be held gently and never grasped by their ears due to high sensitivity


These rabbits are more expensive than many other rabbit breeds. They usually range in price from USD 30-90. They have a higher vet bill as well due to their extensive hereditary medical conditions. They cannot withstand high temperatures, so if kept outside their cages require a lot of hay, and possibly heating elements in the winter. It is very important that you get a good insurance for your dwarf lop rabbit.


Dwarf Lop Rabbits do not require a lot of grooming. Brushing their coat once a week is more than enough care for their coats of fur. They like to self groom which helps their coat, but if not properly brushed they will ingest fur which can seriously affect their sensitive digestive systems leading to death in extreme cases.


Dwarf Lop Rabbits make great show rabbits and household pets. They are favored as pets due to their ability to be easily house trained and their docile nature. Be prepared to spend a lot of effort, and time in their care though due to their sensitive health conditions.